Getting Rid Of Spiders Naturally

I personally do not like spiders. The site of them makes my skin crawl. I do everything I can and know how to keep them away from my work area and my home all together. Most methods include chemical deterrents. Needless to say I don’t like the smell and the associated cost. Also it becomes a routine chore and ritual, if left neglected will most certainly lead to the return of those creepy critters. This intern becomes a regular cost, and this cost could add up over time.

Natural Solutions


I wanted to come up or find a method that will work as effectively as or better than the conventional spider repellent methods. Also reduce the cost at the same time. I wanted to accomplish this naturally. If possible to achieve this goal naturally I would be looking forward replacing the harsh smells of chemicals with hopefully something natural. At bare minimum something less toxic then inhaling the chemicals from the retailed alternatives you find at the store. I began researching natural ingredients that will be pleasant for me, but intolerable to spiders. I found this – Natural Spider Repellent. This article was informative. It contained valuable information that steered me in the right direction.

Trying Things out

After my research was complete I was able to formulate my own concoction. I experimented with different measurements. It took me a while to find the right combination and measurements, but ever since I perfected my own natural repellent I have yet to see a spider. Take a look at this site if you have the same dread of spiders that I have. You may be able to come up with your own cocktail to keep them away. If spiders are not what you want to keep away, they have natural solutions for all other types of creatures.